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Shepherds Bush Housing Association, kitchen installation feedback

CG kitchen installation SBHA

Chigwell Group are always proud of the work they carry out. When we get positive feedback for a kitchen installation passed on by our client, it makes the work even more worthwhile.

Hi Sinead / Regan (from the SBHA team).

I know with current restrictions, you may not be able to come out and do a survey/ sign off, so I wanted to let you know I am really pleased with my new kitchen installation.

The initial design visit went well, and the Site Supervisor, JJ Gulbinas (JJ) made constructive suggestions to small alterations to the existing layout and new design. It is difficult to visualise what the unit / worktop layout and designs will look like from the samples and what would be a good idea to have some photographs of completed work in the different combinations, or sign post to where these might be online, however I do appreciate choices may change year after year.

I appreciate that Chigwell Construction sees the landlord, and myself the tenant both as clients (as mentioned by JJ), and it is a difficult part of the job to keep both parties happy at the design and planning stage. Whilst I appreciate that my landlord gives Chigwell a tight specification to work to, every property is different and my initial query was in regards to the maintenance or like for like replacement of the existing boxing containing the wiring from the fuse box to the kitchen. The standard is to rip these out and replace them with the plastic trunking. JJ agreed that this could be maintained or replaced. The first big job after the rip and strip of the kitchen was the electrical fix, and the electrician did a brilliant job of minimising the damage the existing boxing, and in fact nothing had to be rebuilt, and following the painter and plasterer / make good visit, it is difficult to see that any of this had been touched so a brilliant job was done here.

Chigwell Group kitchen installation update

The different contractors were happy to answer any questions I had about technical issues as I did take an interest in how everything was put together.

A challenge in fitting a new kitchen in an old victorian conversion property, is that the layout of old features such as the gas pipe does not always fit for how we would like a modern kitchen and appliance combination to fit. For example the gas pipe obstructed the new built in cooker being fitted back fully, but the Site Supervisor, along with the different trades people quickly found a solution to anything like this which came up during the works.

The communication throughout the kitchen installation from the Site Supervisor and the RLO was great and I was always kept up to date with what was happening on what date, and if anything changed along the way this was fully explained to me.

Chigwell operatives exceeded my expectations and did go that extra mile. For example, the electrician spotted that my light fitting in the bathroom was not IP rated and he changed this. This was not in the scope of works, but it shows the diligence of the tradesman that if they spot something that is not right they change it.

The end result is excellent and the new kitchen design, layout and functionality is very nice. The site supervisor cares about the work as was keen that other future works (window and door installation) would not damage any of the new kitchen, so all through the project problems were anticipated and solutions were found. They would not be finished until the tenant is happy, I would be happy to participate further in any feedback.

Kind Regards, Mr. A. Martin (resident), New Kings Road. On behalf of Shepherds Bush Housing Group.

The Chigwell Group team involved in this project included:
• Chigwell Heating
• Strip Out Team
• Plumbers
• Electricians
• Kitchen Fitters
• Plasterers
• Tilers
• Decorators
• Floor layers
• Finishing Team
• Cleaning Team

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