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Bus crashes through wall in Romford. Chigwell Group’s operatives come to the rescue

Bus crashes into wall in Romford

When a bus veered off a busy road in Romford on Wednesday lunchtime and crashed into a wall close to flats which left 15 people injured, Chigwell Group’s 24 hour maintenance team were called to assist the operatives from Guinness Partnership in the massive clean-up operation. As you can see from these two emails our professionalism and speedy response were greatly appreciated. Click the link to see the full report on the ITV website.


Chigwell Group come to the rescue

Hi Dean,

Your team have done it again!!!

Yesterday we needed urgent support with clearing the aftermath of the incident that took place on Main Road, Romford.

To ask for your company to spare a team of people to support on a clean up is a massive ask, (removing bricks, trees and debris as well as insuring there was no damaged that we had missed, I’m sure you’ve seen the photos). But as always they fully stepped up to the challenge and had a team to the ground before we had time to blink.

It was great to see both Guinness operatives and Chigwell operatives closely working together to get the job done.

Melissa’s quick reaction ensured we had the right people on the ground and even thought about things we hadn’t (drainage).

I can easily say yesterday your team showed Guinness who Chigwell were and why we have you as a contractor working with us.

Your teams quick thinking, speedy response had us able to complete the works within the day rather than a few days we had predicted.

Throughout the day we were kept fully up to date, communication was clear and efficient.

Please can you pass on a massive thanks to the team from me, they certainly do make my day to day job a lot easy.

Kind Regards,
Laura Baldwin, Area Works Co-ordinator
Guinness Property

Hi Mel

I know Phil has sent a separate email to you, but I personally wanted to say thanks.

All the team members on site worked very hard to ensure this was completed within the day and despite the heat and the amount of physical labour they all gave 110%. They are all a credit, please pass on my thanks and appreciation.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank you for altering things around and making this work. As much as the team cracked on, they would not have been without your input so again thank you, it was massively appreciated.

Kind Regards,
S.Parrott, Repairs Service Manager
For Essex and Suffolk Counties
Guinness Property

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