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Chigwell Group donate van to ‘Essex aid to Ukraine’

Like so many of us, everyone at Chigwell Group has been deeply touch by the plight of the Ukrainian people since the invasion by Russia.

Chigwell Groups Chairman Dean Floyd says. “You couldn’t help but be affected by the images we were witnessing in the news everyday. I was already looking at ways that we could help some of the people of Ukraine when I was approached by Jaymey McIvor, owner of Capital Flowers.

Dean continues. “Jaymey was planning a trip to one of the areas where evacuees were massing. He wanted to deliver urgent medical supplies and toiletries that his customers had collected and desperately needed a vehicle to transport the goods. It absolutely fitted in with what we wanted to do and I was delighted to be in a position to donate one of our fleet to him for the journey as well as helping cover insurance, petrol and ferry costs and his accommodation in Europe’.

Jaymey says. “As the coordinator of Essex Aid To Ukraine I approached Chigwell group as I know they are an incredibly generous business and I needed help getting the donations to the Ukraine border in Poland. I was overwhelmed by their incredibly generous ‘can do attitude’ without which I wouldn’t have been able to make this trip”.

Chigwell Group has a long history of donating and raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for good causes and charities which was highlighted by the hundreds of food hampers that the company delivered to members of the emergency services during the first Covid lockdown.

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